Cute Baby And Adult Parrots For Sale

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Cute Baby And Adult Parrots For Sale Cute Baby And Adult Parrots For Sale Cute Baby And Adult Parrots For Sale

We have beautiful Parrot birds ready now for a new home, they are cute and lovely, makes a wonderful addition to your family, tame and weaned DNA tested On full feather, well socialized and gets along with other pets, up to date health Records, 2 years health guarantee and will come home along side toys free cage, information/care and diet sheet, they are great and makes perfect pets for every loving home. Below are all the species that we have available now. * African Grey Parrots * Black palm cockatoo’s * Blue and gold macaws * Citron cockatoo’s * Gang gang cockatoo’s * Goffin cockatoo’s * Green wing macaws * Harlequin macaws * Hyacinth macaws * White Bellied Caiques * Major Mitchell cockatoo’s * Rose breasted cockatoo’s * Scarlet macaws * Eclectus * Umbrella Cockatoo’s * Blue-fronted Amazon * Double Yellow-Head Amazon * Lilac-Crowned Amazon * Mexican Redhead Or Green-cheeked Amazon * Orange-Winged Amazon * Panama Amazon * Red-lore Amazon * White-Fronted Amazon * Yellow-crowned Or Yellow-Fronted Amazon * Yellow-Naped Amazon Contact us for more details and pictures.

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