Friesian Gelding Horses For adoption

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Friesian Gelding Horses For adoption Friesian Gelding Horses For adoption

Friesian Gelding Horses For adoption
rayon (Dressage) is the perfect dancing partner for and
amateur dressage rider looking for a schoolmaster to teach them how to
correctly move up through the levels.They are excellent FEI gaits,
exceptional work ethic (even better than most warm bloods), no vices
and is simply wonderful to live and work with. They are always perfect
gentleman and woman, in the field with other horses, working with the
vet, farrier, body workers, under saddle; anytime, anywhere this horses
doesn\\\’t put a foot wrong.They perfectly behaved at shows, clinics,
trail rides, it doesn’t matter where they or the circumstances they are
in,they are the perpetual saint.They are stunningly handsome and
wonderfully sweet and are always everyone\\\’s favorite in the
barn.They have started series changes, pirouettes and piaffe.They are
very fast learners and always tries to please.They have been in
professional training since they started as a three year old, so their
training is very good and excellent. Danny and Dressage height is 16.2
hands and Weight 950 lbs .They are also good for a beginner. If anyone
is interested, please email us for more information and photos.Each

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